• About Raintree Farms

    Quality value-added processing of agricultural products

Five years of amazing growth

Raintree Farms has experienced phenomenal growth over the last five years. In 2016 alone, our production capacity exceeded 4.5 tonnes of moringa oleifera powder. We expect to more than double this production capacity in 2017 to meet growing customer demand.

Who we are

Raintree Farms is currently the largest supplier of high-quality moringa-based products in Uganda. Officially registered as a Limited Company (LTD) since 2015, the 33-person company operates from a 30-acre farm located in rural Masindi District. Raintree’s dual mission is to:

  1. Create jobs and improve lives, and
  2. Create high-quality, organically-grown consumer products for Africa’s emerging middle class.

2012 Overview

  • Purchased 25 acres of land to serve as the core supply farm for company raw materials
  • Cleared and planted 4 acres for powder and 10 acres for seed trees
  • Hired first employees

2013 Overview

  • Began transition from oil production and sales to powder production
  • Financed construction of moringa powder production facility.
  • Hired first employees

2014 Overview

  • Completion of the first production facility and office
  • Nine (9) new seasonal workers added to core staff of three (3)
  • Booster+ product debuts: Produced with 750kg of powder from Raintree Farms

2015 Overview

  • Formally registered as a Limited Liability Company in Uganda
  • Construction of second larger moringa powder processing facility
  • Doubled work force to 25
  • Delivered 2.5 tons of moringa powder towards Booster+ market expansion