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  • RTF Moringa Academy

  • RTF Moringa Academy

  • RTF Moringa Academy

Raintree Farms Moringa Cultivation and Processing Training

Training Location

‭+256 779 082 975‬
Dates: 4-9 February 2019
Morning Sessions: Lunch: 9am - 1pm
Lunch: 1pm - 2pm
Afternoon Sessions: 2pm - 6pm

Course Description:

Raintree Farms' Moringa Cultivation and Processing Training covers the essentials of growing, processing, and selling moringa oliefera as a certified business. Raintree Farms has over 7 years of experience growing, processing, marketing, and product development around the moringa crop. This one-week training provides prospective SIP farmers and anyone interested in engaging cultivation, value-added processing or moringa oleifera as a business, with the essentials necessary for growing the best moringa in Uganda, and on the continent. Trainees receive a certificate of completion after the intense training.  The training covers:


How to plant and cultivate for oil and powder. This will include field visits to some of our most successful model SIP farmers in our supply chain. This section will also cover best practices for climate-smart agriculture and maintaining nutritional content in the soils underneath the moringa plant. In addition, the course will go over how and what types of crops to intercrop with, and why intercropping is essential to soil fertility, and food security.

Harvesting and Processing:

This will cover the garden to packaged product process. How often to harvest moringa leaves, how to properly wash and prepare the leaves for drying, the different types of drying, all the way through to milling and packaging.


An overview of organic certification required for export to most international markets.

Benefits of Moringa:

What kind of super crop is moringa oliefera? What are the benefits? What are some of the nutritional benefits of moringa? What are some of the economic benefits of working with moringa oleifera as a business?

Sales and Marketing:

Sales and marketing, product development, value addition. The importance of quality over quantity as your company philosophy. As a social enterprise, we've seen how beneficial it can be to involve the community around your entity. Moringa oleifera is an excellent crop around which to design high impact engagement between the company and the community around it. Learn to design your impact and sustainability story to benefit the growth of your enterprise.

Shipping & Logistics:

Shipping your value added product can be tricky. This will cover traceability, packaging, and what kinds of certificates for export are needed.

4-9 Feb, 2019

Next training session is scheduled for Feb, 2019 at Raintree Farms