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  • RTF Moringa Academy

  • RTF Moringa Academy

  • RTF Moringa Academy

Raintree Farms Moringa Cultivation and Processing Training

Course Description:

Raintree Farms' Moringa Cultivation and Processing Training covers the essentials of growing, processing, and selling moringa oliefera as a certified business. Raintree Farms has over 6 years of experience growing, processing, marketing, and product development around the moringa crop. This three-day training provides prospective SIP Strategy farmers with the essentials necessary for growing the best moringa in Uganda.Trainees receive a certificate of completion after the intense training. On-going follow-up training sessions will are required to maintain Raintree Farms Certification. The training covers:


How to plant and cultivate for oil and powder: from seed to packaged goods.


What kind of machinery do you need? Where do you get it? How to operate and maintain it.


The process of UNBS certification, organic certification for export.

Benefits of Moringa:

What kind of super crop is moringa? What are the benefits.

Sales and Marketing:

Sales and marketing, product development, value addition. The importance of quality over quantity as your company philosophy.

Shipping & Logistics:

This will cover packaging, export approval process.