• How SIP works

    There are currently 14 farmers in our program.

SIP: Secured Income Program

With SIP, farmers who own a minimum of one hectare earn a monthly income in return for growing Moringa Oleifera for Raintree Farms.

To address these challenges, we developed SIP. Using SIP, we were able to lower expansion costs by contracting with local farmers. Our relationship with local farms also allowed us to invest simultaneously in the farmers and their community. We determined how much a well-managed hectare could produce per year and divided the farmer's potential revenue into 12 monthly payments. Farmers who work with Raintree Farms start getting paid immediately. They don't have to wait until harvest. Once the leaves are ready, a Raintree Farms team simply comes and harvests (a minimum of five harvests a year).

SIP allows Raintree Farms to pay farmers a competitive monthly salary to grow moringa oleifera. Having a regular monthly salary not only helps the farmer support themselves and their families it also helps them pay all the expenses associated with commercially farming moringa.

SIP is a win-win for Raintree Farms, its farmers, and the communities the live in. Raintree Farms gains a predictable inventory of raw materials by locking-in suppliers. Farmers benefit by not only receiving commercial farming skills training but also having a regular monthly income that lifts them above the poverty line. Using SIP, Raintree Farms turns subsistence farmers into thriving members of Uganda's agricultural economy.